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Opalescence® Whitening

At our office, we offer the best options in care to help patients achieve the smiles they've always wanted!

A global leader in tooth whitening systems

As renowned for their effectiveness in achieving dazzling results, Opalescence® teeth whitening systems help transform dull, drab, and stained smiles into ones that dazzle. As designed to suit individual needs and cosmetic smile goals, they have helped millions of people across the globe dramatically improve the brightness and vibrancy of their smiles.

A trusted choice for achieving a smile you're confident sharing!

Besides effectiveness, safety is paramount in the realm of teeth whitening. Opalescence whitening systems prioritize this aspect by incorporating desensitizing agents into their formulations. These agents help mitigate tooth sensitivity that can arise during the whitening process, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for every patient.

Professionally prescribed and supervised every step of the way.

A tooth whitening journey in our office begins with an assessment of your smile and a discussion of your cosmetic goals. As performed by our practice, an Opalescence in-office procedure offers a quick, comfortable way to whiten, lighten, and brighten your smile. Plus, it doesn't require sitting throughout the appointment under a hot, uncomfortable, activating light.

See dramatic improvements in under an hour

A member of our professional team will gently apply an Opalescence whitening gel containing potassium nitrate and fluoride to your teeth at the start of the procedure. This unique formulation minimizes tooth sensitivity to ensure a comfortable experience and result. Since the thick Opalescence whitening gel stays in place, it makes the procedure less messy and more comfortable than other systems.

Best of all, it takes less than an hour to see noticeable results! While the improvements are dramatic and satisfying, we sometimes prescribe a take-home Opalescence kit or toothpaste containing lower concentrations of their proprietary whitening formulas to boost or maintain the results at home.